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One of the advantages with working with a trained entomologist is that he can answer all your questions about pests. Below are a few of the most common questions we get from our clients. Look over them and if you have more, let us know!
What is your guarantee?
There is no contract for you to sign. The initial service is performed and is then guaranteed for the next year. If there should be a need for Bill to return within that year, than those service calls are free. This guarantee can be renewed each subsequent year and a reminder card is mailed at the proper time.
How safe is the treatment?
The product that Bill has chosen is the safest and most effective available.
Do I have to leave the house when treatment is applied?
No, not usually. There are some circumstances where you might, but not very often. You get the same level of safety as nursing homes and hospitals.
Is it safe for children and pets?
Yes, Bill has treated his own houses where his children, grandchildren, and 14 year old Chocolate Lab was with no worries.
Is it safe for wildlife?

Yes, the products Bill has chosen is targeted to effect only the pests you want gone.

What is the Impact on environment?
The only impact on the environment will be to get rid of the targeted pest from your environment.
How do you price?
The price depends on the square footage of the structure to be treated.
What preparation is needed?
Depending upon what is being treated, usually no preparation is needed.
What will happen on the first visit?
When you call, Bill will either answer the phone or call you back. At that time you will need to answer some questions in order for Bill to determine what the best treatment will be for your situation. He can usually determine what needs to be done and how much it will cost over the phone so you will never have any question as to how much your service is going to cost when he arrives. He will set up an appointment time for him to come to your house/business to do your service.

On the day of the appointment, you can expect Bill to be there anywhere from one to five hours (possibly more) depending on the size of your structure/s and the type of pest he is targeting, but, average is probably 2-3 hours. He likes to walk the property with you, in order to see what all needs to be done. Then he gets to work. Again, the amount of time he is there all depends on what needs done.

When Bill is finished with the job, you can expect to receive an invoice showing what he did and the product he used, the price of the service, and the price of the renewal for next year. He can accept credit cards there in the field, checks, or cash. Bill will also explain what to expect in the next few weeks and if you need to do anything. If you need for him to return, his service calls are free for the next year under the guarantee.

What Is your service area?
We provide Pest Control and Extermination Services to Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, La Center, Kalama, and all over Southwest Washington. We no longer service cities in Oregon.

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Mary J.
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Ashley L.
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Charity And Walter F.
2015-11-26 00:05:19
I never hired anyone for pest control until my husband passed away. Suddenly I had no more tolerance for ants, spiders, mice or under-house houseguests....